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Sentenzi Online (Judgements Online) is one of the services that falls under the eGovernment initiative. It is offered by the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government so that more people will benefit from the use of information technology and communication services. This service brings together a collection of judgements given by the Courts of Justice of Malta from 1944 onwards. The researcher, in this collection, will find judgements of a certain interest and importance delivered by the Courts of Justice of Malta and Gozo.

This service is a very useful electronic research tool, thought to satisfy the requirements of Judiciaries, Lawyers, Notaries, Legal Procurators, Courts' Personnel, Law Students, Journalists and last but not least the Public in General. The service is free of charge, has unlimited use and presents no fees whatsoever to download copies of the judgements full text documents.

Sentenzi Online (Judgements Online) offers 5 services:

  • Selected Judgements
  • Judgements Archive 2001 Onwards
  • Judgements Last 12 Months
  • Judgements Last 15 Days
  • Search By Keywords

Apart from final judgements, the Sentenzi Online system displays also partial judgements (i.e. sentenzi in parte). The types of judgements can be distinguished either:

(a) from the Details screen; or,

(b) from the Judgement document itself. At the end of each judgement document, there will be the judgement type (i.e. final judgement or partial judgement) printed. Please note that whilst all partial judgements will be visible, the feature which distinguishes them from the final judgements, will only be present for all those judgements entered after June 2003.

Sentenzi Online is offered on a 24 by 7 basis, i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be read from anywhere in Malta and Gozo, and anywhere in the world as long as there is Internet access. This service compliments the Laws of Malta service that can also be read electronically from

Selected Judgements

This service includes all the judgements given from 1944 onwards. Judgements given from 1944 to 2000 have already been published in a collection of books called "Kollezzjoni ta' Deċiżjonijiet tal-Qrati Superjuri ta' Malta" (published by Bonavia Offset Printers). Currently there is an ongoing initiative where judgements of certain interest and importance, given from 2001 onwards, are being indexed as well.

Till to date it was not possible to publish the whole text of the judgements given from 1944 to 2000. Instead, we are offering a summary of key legal points taken. Such sentence is archived with reference to the main keywords, book volume number and page of the publication where one can find the judgement full text.

Please note that Judgements between 1967 and 1984 have not been published.

Judgements Archive 2001 Onwards

This archive holds all judgements given from the 1st of January 2001 onwards. Although this section can be viewed as a search utility, it is more intended to help lawyers in their practices, since it will give them immediate access for the judgements as soon as these are given. The archive includes all Courts decisions, Superior and Inferior, Civil and Criminal as well as those of the Civil Tribunals.

The elapsed time between when the judgement is given and the time when it is published on the net, depends solely on Courts' personnel. Each judgement is gathered in the archive a few minutes after the Deputy Registrar saves it on the core system. If the Court official fails to save the judgement for whatever reason, as a consequence this judgement will not be visible on the net.

This service offers the facility to conduct advanced searches amongst judgements records. It searches according to the criteria given to the system. The site also makes use of drop down lists (for further ease of use).

Judgements Last 12 Months

This section contains all the judgements given in the last 12 months. This service can be used once the judgement date is known and falls within the past 12 months parameter.

Judgements Last 15 Days

This service offers a collection of judgements given by the Courts of Justice and Tribunals in the past 15 days. This section has been thought of mainly with the journalists in mind. This service will help them report on the Courts operations. Moreover, this utility can also be used by the general public, which likes to keep abreast with the latest judgements given by the Court institution.

Search By Keywords

This service is divided into two parts:-

a) The first service offers, the facility to search in all the sentences' documents by using one keyword or any term. All the documents related to the search will be displayed and the user can view any document's details.

b) The second service prompts the user to search by using an initial key word, instead of using terms. The main terms are then retrieved and the user can then select the most relevant words or terms to use for his search. All the documents related to the search will be displayed.

Whilst every effort is being made to ensure the correctness and integrity of the information published, as well as in their cataloging, there might be some mistakes due to the large volumes of information that will be stored on this site.

Your feedback will be appreciated, whilst every suggestion to better the level of service given by the site will also be noted.

Comments and suggestions maybe addressed through the "Contact the Expert" page. Copyright, Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government - All rights reserved.